The Storyworld Evolution

There’s a great reason for Multimedia Storytelling: it’s a powerful tool in the modern world for conveying the deeper meanings behind our stories. Telling a story within a Storyworld is, like single-format stories, about plot and character, narrative structure, and the interaction with the audience, but the opportunity to explore more complete methods of expression is unbeatable.

So what is a Storyworld? It’s the set of general rules that guide a story and its characters (the arc), expanded into different media. A movie may present one aspect of a story in a particular way- especially with images- which can be enhanced through a complimentary book, video game, song or album, or theater piece. The rules by which the characters function in the movie must stay the same throughout the book, etc. but the different media platforms can also stand alone in their own right. In other words. you need not see the movie to understand what’s happening in the book, but the laws of physics should be consistent with one to the other.

Apply this Storyworld concept to the evolutionary power of communications, love, intelligence, and participation, and you’ll have a great concept to submit to The Flyways for consideration!

Good luck!