The Story is Evolving…


Welcome to The Story is Evolving…, an innovative marriage of collaborative story publishing and social justice. We are inviting you to participate in real-time in building stories that will change lives.

How much of a difference do you think an individual could make in the life of someone across the world? It turns out, A LOT.

We address that directly with storytelling that connects people from around the world to each other around shared interests and shared potentials, on our site The Story is Evolving…, a heart-centered, interactive multimedia story platform.

The Flyways will curate stories and package some of the very best ones for sale to the public. Selected storytellers will be notified and walked through the publishing legal process.

Remember, YOUR published story enables The Flyways to generate profits (and entitles you to royalties!) so that we can invest 25% in social enterprises around the world. Our investment partners are strictly vetted for long-term impact, sustainability of business models, and greatest social and environmental reach.

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