Storyteller Services

The Flyways offers a full spectrum of services to our published storytellers, including content curation and packaging, editing, publicity and marketing.

Each storyteller has the opportunity to collaborate with others to create a richer, more meaningful message: film is combined with poetry, dance is partnered with spoken word, novels are set to music. The Flyways is building a comprehensive collaboration platform, launching in 2017, that will allow infinite collaboration possibilities.


We pay our storytellers a very high percentage of profits, compared to other publishers, because our services model allows us to cut the overhead and put creative output at the heart of our operations.

Content curation and Packaging: Many of our finished products will be collaborative efforts from more than one storyteller, and in more than one medium. Our staff will curate and bundle each story to ensure the highest content and messaging quality.

Editing: We work with the startup company Shelf to ensure that the editorial feedback and style corrections that each storytellers receives is constructive, fast, and geared to helping your product succeed on the market. Shelf’s editors are story consumers first, so they know how to make sure your story is accessible.

Publicity and Marketing: The Flyways handles publicity and marketing in conjunction with storytellers to ensure that the greatest possible benefit is achieved. We help our storytellers launch virtual book releases and tours, promote performances, build portfolios of creative output, and bring attention to social justice causes that are near and dear to their hearts.