​The unique and powerful StoryPods project enables Kenyan women leaders to use storytelling as a practical leadership skill to effect change in their communities and beyond.​ StoryPods is a partnership between Leadership Through Storytelling (LetS), a Kenyan social enterprise, and The Flyways for the benefit of developing women’s leadership capacities and potential.


StoryPods will provide:

+ Women in Business Leadership Development workshops using authentic storytelling and public narrative to build Emotional Intelligence and motivate action.

+ Organizational team workshops on storytelling as a critical skill for adaptive leadership and social intelligence within future work environments.

+ Workshop content development: persuasive communication, building emotional intelligence, creative storytelling, future workplace trends, adaptive leadership.

This partnership addresses the current global leadership gender gap, by allowing women to develop their practical leadership skills and engage with one another in empowerment. Hearing one woman’s story gives another woman the opportunity to step outside of her own experience and learn and grow from it.

About Leadership Through Storytelling (LetS):

LetS has created workshops on Female Change Leaders through Leadership Development to address global gender gap for female leaders, Professionals in Leadership, and Social Enterprises through Public Narrative to invest in strategic communication, community mobilization and critical future-work leadership skills. CEO Ayuma Michelle is keen to serve communities of Women Entrepreneurs and Women-Led Organizations close to home and across the African continent​.