#socialimpactTuesdays is a weekly mastermind kaffeeklatsch hosted by Flyways CEO Hillary Strobel. Every Tuesday in the kaffeeklatsch, Hillary has an innovative and impactful conversation with guests who are changing the world in wild and wonderful ways.

Participants will be contributing to future Flyways story projects, which in turn contributes financially to social justice around the world.

The first topic series is related to Identity and Violence.

Throughout history, most acts of violence — including racism, gender inequality, and abuse — have been committed in the name of identity: one tribe against another, one religion against another, one nation against another.

Every Tuesday, this kaffeeklatsch group will gather and have a Civil Conversation on the need to belong, as well as the violence this often engenders. This weekly gathering provides tools to reflect on identity and think about it in relation to larger historical and cultural factors, as we collectively work toward genuine solutions to the problems we face in the world today.

As the conversations grow, The Flyways will be bringing related interactive story projects to the public.

Today, right now, this moment, you can support the work of this braintrust, as we build the conversation as a whole and create interactive story projects. Remember, each story project The Flyways publishes allows us to donate 25% to social justice causes around the world!

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