Investing with The Flyways

Building a better future.
We’re excited to be part of the socially-minded tribe that is crafting the ever-evolving impact investing space. We firmly believe that there is a place for every investor, entrepreneur, and advocate, and the onus is on each of us to grow an inclusive and informed investment community.
1. Subsidiaries: Wholly owned by The Flyways, these enterprises operate as independent entities. Each subsidiary pays an annual percentage of their profits to The Flyways, which then converts into a contribution toward our investment portfolio.

2. Holdings: The Flyways holds a majority ownership in these enterprises for a time-bound period. At the end of this period, the company may buy back their majority ownership from The Flyways. Like subsidiaries, holdings also pay an annual percentage of profits to The Flyways which is then reallocated toward our investment portfolio.

3. Investments: Investees are independent enterprises that receive financing from The Flyways, and are required to meet a set of social impact metrics and financial ROI benchmarks.

All of our investments, subsidiaries, and holdings are required to be operating in one of the three areas of our strategy focus.