Communicate. With love.

The Flyways, Inc. is a benefit corporation publishing house, specializing in collaborative multimedia stories.

Our soul-utionary business model is to publish multimedia stories (including audio, visual, performance, print, and mixed media) as an opportunity for creative people to share their work with the world through highly imaginative, savvy, and diversified products, while contributing materially to social justice. We want stories that go deep into the heart of ourselves and our world, showcasing the amazing, positive possibilities that each of us and our contributions represent.

Publishing platforms are limited only by the confines of imagination. We encourage publishing stories as books (paper and e-versions), graphic novels/comics, games, web series, movies, theater pieces, music, dance, and hopefully in multiple media!

Proceeds from all of The Flyways’ collaborative multimedia stories go back to the community in the spirit of true cultural innovation. Our storytellers are paid a very high percentage of profit for their work, compared to the low wages typically paid by publishing houses, because we know that we cannot survive without their vision. 25% of all story profits are also donated to social justice causes that are near and dear to our storytellers’ hearts.

The Multimedia Stories we publish are open-source. All members of the community contribute ideas, resources, and information, promoting a culture of collective gain, and everyone benefits from the evolution of communications.