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Our Current Funding Campaign:
We are building an interactive, story driven website and media channel that allows impact companies to connect with YOU, the impact investors who want to change the world.
January 2018

who we are.

The Flyways, Inc. is an impact investment firm creating a path to patient capital for underserved communities.

Regenerating Economies:
Committed to a local-meets-global approach, we cultivate connection, innovation, and wholeness in local economies around the world.

We drive impact by providing elegant access solutions to patient capital resources, for entrepreneurs who want to grow their business impact and investors who want to grow their money.

Channel your investment toward enterprises elevating gender equality, environmental sustainability, and civil rights.

build with us.

What is our unique contribution to a regenerative economy?

A website marketplace and media channel that brings impact companies into connection with non-accredited impact investors.

We are raising $30,000 in the first quarter of 2018 to make this idea a reality.

get funded.

The Flyways invests in international for-profit and non-profit social enterprises that are championing gender equality, environmental sustainability, and civil rights.

Enterprises should be committed to an inclusive and transparent economic ecosystem, and modeled on creating the greatest amount of social capital within their communities.

The three key industries where we invest, which we believe get at the root causes of social and economic injustice, are:
  • Women-owned and women-served businesses
  • Innovative and sustainable infrastructure
  • Enfranchisement and citizenship

If you believe your enterprise to be a fit with our investment focus, we’d love to hear from you.


The Flyways drives impact in traditionally underserved communities by providing low-risk, high-growth capital investment centered around gender equality, environmental sustainability, and civil rights.

Making an investment with The Flyways means providing patient capital to women-owned and women-served businesses, sustainable infrastructure projects, and marginalized groups.

As part of your investor experience, you can expect:
  • A growth-driven, long-term, low risk investment package
  • Innovative metrics for evaluating social, economic, and ecological impact
  • An opportunity to invest at the crucial intersection between intention and action

There is no minimum required investment. We welcome the opportunity to work with both accredited and non-accredited investors.

our story.

We were brought together by a common outlook on our economic system and a shared purpose to transform how investment serves our society.

After many years running non-profits and social enterprises, our founder, Hillary Strobel, sought to impact the source of many social injustices: money. She quickly assembled a team of values-aligned activists and investment professionals to begin funneling capital toward initiatives advocating people, planet, and empowered connections.
Our team brings together diverse perspectives and talents from across sectors. We are a relationship-driven and action-oriented group dedicated to the tenets of social justice and social finance.

If what we’ve shared resonates with you, we hope you will reach out to make yourself a part of our story.

where we’re headed.

Our Vision
We envision a dignified and inclusive economic ecosystem that unites, fulfills, and empowers people in communities around the world.

Our Mission
To cultivate investment opportunities that drive lasting impact in social justice initiatives by:
  • Offering patient and purposeful capital investment that yields the greatest amount of social good
  • Creating a path to capital for traditionally excluded and vulnerable communities
  • Connecting stakeholders through a network of shared resources, talents, and experiences
  • Building trust and a sense of belonging through the exchange of stories

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