Stories Drive Impact.



As a Social Impact Story Publishing company, The Flyways, Inc. is committed to Social Justice, through our authentic, transparent business model.

We are a registered Benefit Corporation, a collaborative storytelling community, and an active partner on the front lines of social justice.

SecondWeekOfJune_1We know that Stories Drive Impact. Our work with storytelling individuals and communities are partnerships: long-term relationships that fuel our work and our mutual passions. We offer a variety of storyteller services and publishing opportunities to creatives who are willing to collaboratively build storyworlds that make the real world just a little bit better.

For you, the storytellers, we are a safe place to use your creativity to save the world. We pay our contributors well for their valuable skills and support them through the whole process of making a story come to life. We can’t exist as a publishing company without you, and that’s how we treat you!


Want to participate in our current interactive story project, “Guardians of the Sacred”?


Your contribution to this story will fund opportunities for women to build strong, powerful futures. Additionally, you can contribute elements- such as illustrations, sound bytes, and character suggestions- to the story, building the audience and entitling you to royalties. It’s a fantastic, exciting way for you to help us build a Virtuous Cycle!

This story is published in 12 installments over the next 6 months, on our site The Story is Evolving… Every two weeks, a new chapter goes live, and the opportunities to contribute are posted at the end. Find out more about “Guardians of the Sacred” on our site The Story is Evolving… here.

So, wait? My creativity makes the world a better place?

The “Why” behind our mission is simple: in order to make the world a more just place, we must Communicate. With Love.Flyways1

To this end, The Flyways invests 25% of all profits in our social justice partner organizations. Your stories, the ones you are contributing to, are financially supporting programs such as entrepreneurship incubators, support for vulnerable teens, prison reform, and more.

Our partners are vetted by The Flyways for full transparency; our customers will always know what they are supporting and how their contribution is making a specific difference.

Check out the Media Room so we can engage together on social media!

Presenting our social justice partners:



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